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these Toe Jamz give us the Butterflies! Fly high is the glittery goodness of the Butterfly TJ! These Jamz feature a glitter butterfly cutouts attached to an alloy clip that is easy and convenient. Clip these TJ'z on the toe of your Rollerskates/sneakers or even through out your laces to accent another set of Jamz. Each set comes in a pair of 2 jamz. Each single sips as 1 single jam.

Butterfly Jamz

  • ALL TOE JAMZ are handmade! They go through a multi step process from start to finish unique to ZNTC. Each set of Toe Jamz are one of a kind...no 2 are exact which makes them wearable works of art!

    *Toe Jamz are intended to be worn as decorative skate/sneaker jewelry. We do not recomend the use of Toe Jamz in competitive sports.