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ZNTC Bus!!!

The idea of Ziggy Nicks Trading Company was originally inspired by a camper! The camper boutique concept was shelved after Ziggy was offered a small shop located in a shopping area on Tybee Island off the coast of Georgia. Within only a few months in the new brick and mortar boutique ZNTC was quickly out growing it's new home. With the idea of going mobile still looming in our head finding a mobile unit was next on the list. And fate may have it the psychedelic, tie dyed ZNTC bus rolled onto the scene not long after. It was the focal point of many events, good times, major sales, road trips, and festival vending experiences! In October, ZNTC embarked on a move from TYB to Atlanta.  Unfortunately mid move Hurricaine Matthews struck the coast of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas destroying homes, wildlife, communities and disrupting the lives of thousands. ZNTC lost it's beloved Magic Bus to Matthew. The bus was a huge part of the ZNTC brand and rebuiding was always priority! Within 6 months Ziggy had found a new ride and starting rebuilding the mobile boutique. Find the #ZNTCBus rolling up on the scene in and around the Metro Atlanta area!